“In my kind of falling, there's no landing. There's only hitting the ground. Hard. Dead, or wanting to be dead. So the whole time you're falling, it's the worst feeling in the world. Because you feel you have no control over it. Because you know how it ends.”
― John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

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21/07/14- Residential trip
23/07/14- Summer starts!

03/08/14- Seeing Alice
09/08/14- Summer in the City with Alice and JLil

13/06/15- Rock Out With Your Socks Out 5 Seconds of Summer concert with Emily

Matty Healy on how he writes songs


humiliation // the national

if i die this instant
taken from a distance
they would probably list it down
among other things ‘round town


Mikey Way // My Chemical Romance


I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

@Michael5SOS: Imagine if the entire world was populated with kittens, instead of 6 billion humans there were 6 billion kittens 


Julia McNeill
Into the Calm, 2014


[5/100] Favourite Pictures of Jenna McDougall [Credit: X]


Memphis May Fire London Alexandra Palace 16-11-2013 by Sandra Sorensen Photography on Flickr.